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    Is Xbox One 720p Only, welcome to mexico 1080p vs 720p


    albatrosMyster You are the one with the high horses on the matters of security& do what you will of it and pick the sides you want, but if you want to bring up the issue, dont downplay some aspects of it for pure convenience& As for the bribery you talk about it as if that was some hidden deal, this is like going around saying MS bribed their clients by replacing RRODed machines& its only natural that a gesture of goodwill is made when a wrong is made, I am still unsure what your angle is, should Sony have done nothing? would you be happier? why would it be fairer? why should people loose sleep over this 3 years later? or any other event of this type? Wouldnt the poor security of windows warrant more worries? I am sure it caused way more arm over time (think of all the malware that was installed because the default user was admin on all machines until fairly recently&) no, people get over these things& not everyone went on and installed Linux or bought macs last time I checked. *Again obviously these number dont actually represent anything* but if you just look at a number of Sonys past software or look at their effort, or lack thereof when it comes to their security, Sony doesnt care about efficiency and has always been sloppy with their software. It annoys me that people dont make that distinction. Hated it. Marc GP No, native resolution is not meaningless. Microsoft were to busy spending more time on the kinect, and integrating TV data, streaming etc. I have a gaming PC and a PS4. GinoY Nope.1080p 60fps or not 1080p 60fps Quantum break is a different game that uses advanced techniques to achieve high quality visuals as just explained by the dev&but its not 1080p&right ?? angh why stop at 60 fps? why not to go to 120 fos? Forza is not the same game as driveclub. Horus Shepard Huh? PS3 had lesser graphics than the 360? No one is making that claim except for you.


    What happened to just gaming and enjoying it for what it is? . And dont forget Star Wars Battlefront. Matt correction* tablet/cell phone cpus. And Gamers forget to try out the game before they judge. My two year old labtop with embedded intel graphics doesnt have a problem getting a crisp image to my 40 inch led. And driveclub to keep details and resolution cut out framerate. DeathWarmedOver Here, refute those with sound arguments and then maybe Ill take your out of the ass facts like most/many pc games are sloppy seconds statements a little more seriously. The days of graphics OR gameplay should be over, sadly that is what msft offers with their xbox, or instead of and. DeathWarmedOver I could never game on a static platform with one limited form of control, where the games prices are dictated and set at absurd levels. Glad i held out this gen on the game consoles still waiting to be motivated to jump.


    Theres always a compromise and its strictly tied to each persons needs and priorities. That console was, of course, the ps3. Microsoft said they are gonna do it one way or another, but this whole story about upgraded consoles is pointless. These new generation consoles are expected to last 10 years, even if it takes a year for developers to learn those ins and outs, thats still another 9 years of stable 1080p 60fps. And slowly but surely over the life of that generation it got its leg under it and ended up having a pretty decent life. Sony even coming close to having their system be as efficient with its hardware as Microsoft, is like claiming Nintendo will have the most powerful console for the 9th Console Generation. bye.


    Gears of War 4 MP is 1080p 60fps and uncharteds MP is 900p. Even worse in Amazon Instant Video and netflix, same with hand gestures. But I seriously doubt that will ever happen. Its kind of excusing the fact for shittier graphics. It increases the number of pixels that are being internally rendered. Games with Gold Comparison Xbox One Games (2014) Xbox One Launch Titles PS4 vs.. They dont want to talk about that do they? Fing sheep . That current consol can not even do that, missing on BOTH the resolution AND the FPS, is simply unacceptable.


    Everyone is always up in arms about the government possibly spying on us but dont give it a second thought when someone who wants to do actual harm is spying on us. DeathWarmedOver Good points. 1080p 60 FPS isnt asking too much imho. Just because you dont see the strategic planning involved doesnt mean it doesnt exist. usherjerksoffsonyfanboys LOL&.Yah right, I see your name on tons of xbox articles, you put too much effort into putting down the xbox and MSFT. 6e8412f8ec

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